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owner and designer for Bobwhite Supply Co.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for visiting my website and supporting my small, homegrown, handcrafted business. Bobwhite Supply Co. finally came to fruition in 2020 after many years of dreaming about it.


Growing up in the country, from a family with down home roots and creative minds, creativity was encouraged...not just an outlet for a hyper little girl but to also learn how to make something with what you have and the skills on how to do it. It also helped that I had a mama that is a self-taught seamstress, artist, and florist and a daddy who taught me perseverance and to always live life to the fullest.

The name Bobwhite Supply Co. was inspired by my late grandfather (PawPaw) and one of the many enjoyable memories I shared with him through his love of the land and the nature that surrounded it. I vividly remember sitting on the back porch with him; listening to the Bobwhites (a species of quail we have in this part of Texas for those who aren't aware) talk back and forth and thought it was the most beautiful and peaceful sound. It had been years since I heard them and one day while sitting on my back porch of our little farmhouse in Shiner, TX, there they were talking back and forth. It was a sign for me. A sign to embrace and encompass what I learned from my family, and that creative outlet for a hyper little girl, and do something that I love by handcrafting and creating things...but now just not for me to enjoy. With that and the love, support, encouragement, and patience from my husband, our two boys, and my parents and the push and guidance from my family and friends...Bobwhite Supply Co. was born.


Bobwhite Supply Co. is proud to offer quality, handcrafted goods. There is a lot of love and careful attention to detail put into every single item. Many of my items pays homage for my love of Texas, my now forever hometown, and nature. The majority of the supplies used to handcraft my items are either sourced locally or by other various small businesses. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Tysen Kopycinski-Bobwhite Supply Co.
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